Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Pass4sure 101 Question Answer

Where is persistence mirroring configured?

A. It is always enabled.
B. It is part of a pool definition.
C. It is part of a profile definition.
D. It is part of a virtual server definition.

Answer: C

Given that VLAN fail-safe is enabled on the external VLAN and the network that the active BIG- IP's external VLAN is connected to has failed, which statement is always true about the results?

A. The active system will note the failure in the HA table.
B. The active system will reboot and the standby system will go into active mode.
C. The active system will fail-over and the standby system will go into active mode.
      Real 37
      F5 101 Exam
D. The active system will restart the traffic management module to eliminate the possibility that BIG-IP is
     thecause for the network failure.

Answer: A

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