Monday, 4 April 2016

Pass4sure 101 Question Answer

Where is connection mirroring configured?

A. It an option within a TCP profile.
B. It is an optional feature of each pool.
C. It is not configured; it is default behavior.
D. It is an optional feature of each virtual server.

Answer: D                                                                

Assuming there are open connections through an active system's virtual servers and a fail-over occurs, by default, what happens to the connections?

A. All open connections are lost.
B. All open connections are maintained.
C. When persistence mirroring is enabled, open connections are maintained even if a fail-over occurs.
D. Long-lived connections such as Telnet and FTP are maintained, but short-lived connections such as
HTTPare lost.
E. All open connections are lost, but new connections are initiated by the newly active BIG-IP, resulting
inminimal client downtime.

Answer: A

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